Vermilion Fishing Report (October 2014)

August and weather was very stable throughout most of the month. Little rain allowed the lake to drop to normal levels for last summer. High temps never got above high 70s..Average lows in the evenings got into the high 50s. Musky Fishing was very good in August.  There were 11 Pike on our bragging board in August. The average length for that group of fish was 35.86 inches. The  slot on Vermilion has really contributed to producing a nice population of trophy sized Northern Pike. Most of the larger pike were caught on spinner baits. Walleye fishing was great for August. The largest walleye on our board for August was A 26.5 incher caught on 8/24 by Garrett Wolf on a Lindy rig. Like July many of the guests reported a lot of smaller walleye just not big enough to keep..But at the same time some nice large slot fish.  Those smaller year class fish should  provide some great fishing for keeper walleye for next few years.

Carley , 25 inch walleye    IMG_1434 IMG_1433

In Late August we had two fisherman come to Vermilion for the first time to try Musky fishing for three days. They hired Guide Bob Benson and caught three trophy fish that they are getting replica mounts made ..( 51 inch Musky,  42 inch Tiger Musky and a 41. 5 Northern) .  

Mario Langoria 42 inch Tiger Musky

Mario Langoria 42 inch
Tiger Musky

51 icher Caught by Mario Langoria fishing with Bob Benson

51 icher Caught by Mario
Langoria fishing with Bob Benson

September fishing remained good throughout the month. We held our third annual Walleye School with Doc Sonar and Johnnie Candle.  Both are walleye pros and teach Electronic use. This year’s school we had 40 people attend. The weather was good. Doc and Johnnie added more hands –on training on the dock and time on the water.  The feedback from everyone that attended was very positive. We are planning on dates for next year’s school around the last two weeks of September 2015. Fishing in September the first two weeks was excellent…a lot of both Smallmouth and Largemouth bass. Walleye fishing using crank baits that Resemble the 3-4 perch was excellent along weed lines. Also we had Several guests that found success using lead core line and fishing deep flats pulling crank baits. . Mike Dorsey  Caught the largest musky of September ..a 56 incher on 5 of Diamonds Dardevil .

Mike Dorsey 56 incher

Mike Dorsey 56 incher

This beautiful fish was caught within a mile of the resort.


This past weekend  was  our annual Larry Ramsell Fall  Musky Outing. This year we had  a big  turnout with close to 80 attending. The lodge game room was too small so we moved it inside a tent on the deck. For our first night of the event we brought back Doc Sonar to do  presentation of Electronics use for musky fishing. Doc also made himself available to guests at the dock so he could provide hands-on instruction. Also this year Thorne Brothers Sporting Goods set up a section of the Lodge with musky tackle . They brought rods , reels, Lures, leaders, clothing,etc…DSC06206 

they also did  some dockside presentations after breakfast on Saturday to allow guests to try out the latest and greatest in rods and reels. In addition, they provided a donation of a $250 gift certificate for our raffle drawing. Keys Outdoors is also  back this year to cover the event.   Friday and Saturday night we had a Guide panel of Bob Benson, Luke Ronnestrand, Matt Seifert, Dusty Carlson, Bruce Shumway, Bill Shumway, Ben Olson . The guide panel discussions always are good for it provides the opportunity  for everyone  to exchange fishing reports , strategies and suggestions from the guides  for the next day .   Several people came in for the event a day early to pre-fish.  Jeff Vollmer came in early and caught a nice 50 incher on wed. evening and reported seeing several other fish that were very active that night.


Jeff Vollmer 50 incher

Jeff Vollmer 50 incher

Marcus and Lacey Dehley from Devil’s Lake returned again this year.  They  boated  fish the night before the event and a couple during the event.  Friday.. The first day of the event fishing was slow with only one 45.5 inch fish caught. That fish was caught by Rich Kane…This was Rich’s first musky after 6 years of chasing them.

Rich Kane with a 45.5 incher

Rich Kane with a 45.5 incher

Also several large Pike were caught Friday and Saturday including a nice 40 incher caught by Andrew Jensen.

 40 inch pike

During our Guide Panel open discussions one of the fishing reports came from  Mike Riha  and Rick Johnson. Both of these guys come up in summer with their families on vacation. Both are good musky fisherman.  Prior to the event they never met…Both came up alone to the event so we matched them up to fish together.  They boated 46 incher that day and seen several other fish. Their fishing report provided insight for everyone including the guides. They found a pattern with slow rolling blades in cisco colors. The end of the next day we heard other fisherman reporting success using that method. I mention this for this is what the outing is all about..sharing information so everyone can learn and apply what they learn that weekend.

Saturday ..the second day of the event fishing improved some  with a  32 , 37,42, 43, 46  caught.  Saturday night  Larry Ramsell did a great presentation explaining the new modern day world record guidelines. He provided some  eye opening photos of some huge high 50 inch  and  low 60 inch fish that were caught  the last decade from locations all over the upper Midwest and Canada.  Larry has spent many years researching record fish and when he opens the floor to questions and answers  it’s always interesting and everyone leaves with new dreams of monster fish.   Sunday fishing improved with  36,45,46,48, 50 and two 51s.  The reports of fish being seen greatly increased.  Mike Keys caught one of the 5 1 inchers.  Kevin Mcbride caught the other 51 incher fishing with Guide Bob Benson

Kevin Mc Bride with Bob Benson 51 incher

Kevin Mc Bride with Bob Benson 51 incher

Overall the Musky Outing went very well…fishing could have been better but as we all know fishing for Musky is not easy and that is what drives our desire to keep fishing for them.  Sunday night after most went home I went out walleye fishing with my son Austin who came back from College for the weekend.  We caught four nice slot fish from  21- 24 inches …then Austin hooked what we thought was a real nice walleye. After a several strong  runs I think we both knew this was no walleye…turned out to be  a 48 inch Musky.

Austin's 48 incher ( 6lb test, # 9 Tiger Flicker Shad)


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