Musky Outing … possible state record musky caught

DSC03798We had our 8th annual Larry Ramsell Musky outing over the weekend.. Larry Ramsell.,.who in the musky world is considered one of the most knowledgeable guys on record Muskies. He has spent years of his time researching all the world record Musky caught. He has traveled all over the U.S.  and Canada during the  past 40 years and conducted interviews and has written several books on the topic.  He currently guides in the Hayward area…His work actually helped set the record books straight on several fish thought to be holding the world record.. He has also worked over the years with MN, WI, IL, and Canada DNR s fish Biologists.  In addition, very active in getting Lakes like Vermilion stocked….today he still travels all over Canada and the upper Midwest  chasing that next world record musky. He has caught a 57 inch fish in Canada.  Each year Larry provides a great presentation  for our outing guests… this year he and another guide ( Bob Benson, Top Vermilion guide and one of the best Musky fisherman I have ever met) both talked in their presentations about the many lakes in the U.S. that claim to have the potential for a new state or world record fish….both said the reality is there has not been a 60 pound class fish caught in the U.S. in over 50 years….but…they said Lake Vermilion is one of the rare lakes in the U.S. for that mater in the world that has the potential to produce a monster fish of that size.DSC03777 Bob’s presentation  included some  photos of  huge musky up to 55 inches he had guided clients to on Lake Vermilion over the last 12 years.. Bob did an excellent presentation on how to fish Vermilion for any given season. He was very generous with sharing his knowledge and experience. Everyone in that room learned something new that night…he also pointed out that prior to fishing Vermilion he and his dad spent many years chasing musky in Northern Wisconsin …his largest fish was 48 inches after many years of fishing that area. But ,when he started fishing Vermilion and other MN lakes that all changed. …one comment he made during his presentations to our guests ” everyone here has a great chance at catching a musky over 50 pounds on this lake” Larry Ramsell said something similar in his presentation. . ….ironically… happened to one of the guys in that group attending..for on Saturday…despite the high winds, cold and snow ( just plain brutal weather).. Randy Porubcan and Gene Crowder caught a monster fish 59 inches in length and 29 inches in girth. To give a little background about the guys that caught the fish..both are very experienced musky fisherman…and have about 70 years combined fishing and are  ture sportsman dedicated to catch and release. Randy boated a 56.5 musky on Eagle Lake in Canada a few years back. That fish also had a 29 inch girth…he released it .  Randy told me that there was big difference in the fish he caught  on Vermilion saturday vs… the 56.5 inch fish in Canada. He said the fish in Canada was lighter and the Vermilion fish he needed Gene’s help to me pull the fish over the side of the boat in the net.They used their musky measuring stick which is 60 inches in length…they said the fish was too big to try and lay down flat and do the standard measurement with the tail closed…so it was laid down across Randy’s lap and they took their measurements that way…I mention this for closing the tail might have put that fish at 60 inches…( DNR uses that method with the tail closed for their measurements)….they released that fish to be caught another day…which says so much about these guys as sportsman…for I would have only have to guess that the average musky fisherman would have a tough time making the decision to release a fish that big knowing they will be establishing a new state record.  The current state record is 54 pounds caught on Lake Winniboshish in 1957.59 inch musky 59 by 29 inch Musky

There is a calculation that is used to determine a musky’s weight based on girth and length..that calculation puts the fish at over 60 pounds .So when you apply this formula..the bottom line is we had a fish that just shattered the state record and it was released to fight another day….congratulations Randy and Gene…

The weather for the outing was just plain nasty….but the guys that attended reported they had a great time and all commented on the great meals Kenny our chef prepared. Each night following the presentation the guys hung out in the lodge watched the twins game and shared musky stories… There were several fish seen the first day..but the second day everyone was forced to troll due to the high winds,snow and rain..there were four fish boated total:

Jack Gerlach   39 with Bob Benson

Randy Porubcan..59 inches trolling….

Bob Bronke 50 inches…trolling…fishing with guide Dusty Carlson.

.Lee Smith…41 inches…trolling…right at dark. IMG_0194

Fishing was difficult due to the severe weather conditions. but overall a great weekend….everyone is talking about coming back for the 9 th annual Larry Ramsell weekend.


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